Company Introduction

SMS consultant is a registrated company and was founded on the 1st of March 2019. Material consultancy in the recycling industry is a growing business.

Many companies have Green Targets and like to make their development, manufacturing and products more sustainable. But companies struggle with the application of recycled plastics. SMS consultant is specialized in material selection, supplier selection, plastic testing, plastic property modification and production implementation in different application fields.

I believe companies can do much more in applying recycled plastics in consumer products or B2B products. SMS consultant can help your organization to source or develop recycled plastics and make your company more sustainable.

The current assignment of SMS consultant is related to the start of a recycling testcentrum in Heerenveen, The Netherlands.

  • Recycling Testcentrum

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Material Cases

I like to understand your requirements and develop a sustainable solution, please click on my cases to learn more

Who Am I

Mark Olof Dirksen
  • Mark-Olof Dirksen, born in Dokkum, 1973
  • Senior project leader
  • NEVI, DfSS and DMAIC certified
  • Result driven
  • Innovative
  • Material, finishing & process knowledge
  • Application knowledge
  • Sustainable focus
  • Recycling competence
  • Extensive supplier network
  • More than 20 years active in the plastic industry

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Consultancy Skills

I like to understand your requirements and develop a sustainable solution through:
  • Knowledge & Competence

  • Communication & Connect

Verification & Validation
Plan & Execute

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